Whatever Your Debt Situation, There's Hope!

Akopia Consulting, LLC assists you in achieving financial responsibility by helping you set up, follow, and complete a reasonable debt negotiation plan:
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  • We work with creditors to negotiate debt settlements on your behalf.
  • Youll be provided a simple and affordable savings plan to save funds to pay off your credit card debts.
  • Once paid, you will not have to worry about those debts again.

Our team of experts will walk you through the steps youll need to take to succeed in our program.

Call 800-711-9313 now for a free consultation.

Benefits of Using Akopia

Lower your monthly payments

If you are struggling to pay your monthly minimum payments, our debt negotiation program may be right for you.

Reduce your debt up to 30%-70%

Negotiate your debts at a far reduced rate without interest and late fees continuing to pile onto the original debt.

Become debt free in 18-48 months

Credit card debt that would take you twenty, thirty years or even more to pay off, can be paid off in a fraction of that time.

After your submission is received by Akopia, one of our debt negotiation specialists will contact you for a free and confidential, no obligation consultation to see if Akopias debt negotiation program is right for you. Dont wait any longer to get your debt under control once and for all. Contact us today!

Please note that individual results may vary based on completion of all program terms and the ability to save sufficient funds. Program does not assume or pay any debts, nor does it provide tax or mortgage assistance, credit improvement, or legal advice. Program may not be offered in all states, please call to confirm whether it is available in your state. Alternative programs may be suggested. Please read and understand all program materials and disclosures prior to enrollment, and contact us with any questions.